Zoe Saldana

Naomi Campbell and Mike Tyson by Irving Penn - Vogue December 1989

Meryl Streep enjoying some pizza at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, 2014(✗)


Rihanna & Jhene Aiko

Sunset Bv/Highland Av.  Los Angeles, CA.  August 2013.
For me, this photo is LA.  Wide boulevards, palm trees, hoards of cars, and modernist single storey buildings with a mixture of mom and pop and chain stores.  It’s the quintessential Los Angeles urban vernacular.  This is what LA looks like when you’re exploring the city like an Angelino.  Not the 1920s mansions of Hancock Park or the sprawling estates in the Hollywood Hills or the monolithic towers downtown.
It may not have that postcard perfect look that San Francisco, New York, Paris, or Amsterdam are known for, but I find it oddly beautiful.  Perhaps an eclectic sort of beautiful.  These wide boulevards can be surprisingly urban (for a city often considered a giant suburb) and full of people.  Plus, the diverse array of businesses leaves something for everyone; from hole in the wall eateries that are all the rage on Urban Spoon to chain apparel stores, LA’s boulevards have it covered.